The Ultimate Website Questionnaire

Soar's Website Questionnaire is the first step of the design process, bringing focus to our project and provides me with a solid understanding of your vision. Understanding your goals allow me to thoughtfully develop a website that will work in tandem with your online marketing strategy.  A thoroughly completed questionnaire along with gathered visual inspiration will push us full steam ahead!

Why Squarespace?

Soar Creative strictly uses Squarespace’s all-in-one platform and hosts that gives you everything you need to run your business. Squarespace is the perfect solution whether you’re just getting started or are an established brand that crave a simple, easy-to-navigate site with incredible functionality.  Learn more about why Soar chose Squarespace for clients.

Name *
List your social media accounts. (Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc.)
Provide a brief profile of your business. Describe your product(s) and/or service(s).
Who is your target audience? Describe your customers.
Who are your primary competitors? What sets your business apart from the competition?
What is the vision of your business? What are the objectives for your website?
What is the projected date you'd like your website to launch?
Do you have an existing website? What do you like most about it? What do you like least? What is the motivation behind your website refresh? If your website is brand new, move along to 07 // YOUR STYLE PREFERENCE
Do you want your website to feel traditional and timeless, or modern and trendy?
Do you have specific colours you would like incorporated in your website.
Please list the names of three websites you like and what you like about them.
Do you have your own photographs to be used on your website? The higher the quality the better! If not, no worries. Soar has access to fantastic stock photo resources online, or if you're local to Calgary, use my referral to an incredible photographer.
Please outline a few features you'd like to see integrated into your website design. (ie. contact form, photo gallery, video gallery, product shop, blog, resource/document download)
Please outline a few pages you'd like to see on your website. What type of content will you be providing your visitors? Will you be providing the content for your site?